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Amurru Marine.
A division of J.D. Hallman Assoc, has been in continuous operation for almost 20 years.  It originated to support the introduction of Windrider Trimarans into the Canadian Market as Windrider Ontario.  It was later expanded to facilitate the building and fitout of large cruising catamarans.  As our business grew we added a sub dealer in Montreal as well as an affiliate in Vancouver so that we could properly service our growing customer base.  We added KiwiProps feathering propellers out of New Zealand in 2000 and 2008 saw the introduction of the exciting sport trimaran  Weta Trimarans out of New Zealand.

Along the way there aren't too many aspects of the Marine industry that we have not been involved in in one way or another.  We have done custom refit work, organize racing events, chair ratings committees, offshore deliveries, shrink wrap, and campaigned various race boats. Through our partnership with Bleu Marine, we continue to serve customers with custom multihull design, purchase consultations, surveys and deliveries. 

Sailing and Marine Products are not our only business, but it is easily the area that we are most passionate about!! Contact Us for more info or click on one of  the website links below.

Fair Winds!!