KiwiProps North America

We introduced the now world famous Kiwiprop to the North American market over 15 years ago.  It was setup as one of the marine industries first direct to consumer internet driven businesses and has always been the best value, most durable feathering propeller on the market.

Weta Trimarans

We have been the exclusive Canadian distributors for Weta Trimarans since they were introduced to the North American market.  This award winning 14' tri from down under continues to put a smile on every owner's face and, in our opinion, is one of the best executed small boat designs in the world.


After years of dabbling, racing and working on all manner of medium sized sports tris, Corsairs, Dragonflys, Newicks, Farriers, we were approached to start importing this exciting new series of trimarans from France and have been very impressed with the quality, well thought out design and competitive pricing.  Get yours in our spring container!

Marine Services

We offer full Marine services ranging from delivery to boat building.  Over the years we've covered lots of offshore miles, built boats from scratch, done all manner of repairs from carbon spar rebuilds to electronics installations.  We are quite selective in terms of what we take on as a project and always biased towards multihulls- which we know best, but if it's on a boat we can fix it.  


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